Twiins vs. Other Communication Devices - What’s the Difference?

So you’re considering a Twiins device! Woohoo! We’re stoked. We get a lot of questions regarding how we differ from some of the major communication devices out on market such as Sena and Cardo. We’ve compiled a list of the main things we could come up with to hopefully make your decision just a bit easier:


    • All Twiins devices fit comfortably inside your helmet inside the speaker pockets so there’s nothing that needs to attach to the outside. This not only makes for much less complex experience, but also protects your device from the elements which can eventually wear things down.


    • When you purchase Group Talk you are automatically prepared to communicate with multiple riders - as many as you’d like to be exact. Unlike Cardo and Sena’s mesh technology, Twiins allows an unlimited number of bike-to-bike connections. Through the Zello app, you can connect to an unlimited number of riders across unlimited distances simply using your cell phone signal.


    • This is at the forefront of our products and is a part of the reason you won’t see JBL or Bose speakers inside of our products. Not only could we not fit that in such a compact device along with all of our other amazing technology, but we also care a whole lot about road awareness. We feel sound quality should only be as loud as to allow you to still hear the road around you.

  4. COST

    • This is a biggie. Compared to Cardo and Sena, Twiins devices come in at a fraction of the price. This makes us a much more accessible choice and allows for the option to potentially purchase multiple devices for your different helmets - never having to worry again about swapping things around!

All in all, we offer a whole lot of tech in an affordable, compact and integrated device. The compatibility between our different devices allows you options should you ever wish to expand upon your Twiins experience.

Additionally, it is worth noting that Twiins uses a free/open-sourced Bluetooth experience with no restrictions, so technically Twiins could be paired with any Bluetooth emitting device with the same functions. That said, should you already HAVE a Cardo or Sena, unfortunately they are most likely blocked from connecting with other brand devices, so you probably will not be able to connect with an additional Twiins device.

Lots of good stuff, right? We think so too. We hope this clears things up for you and of course, should you ever have additional questions, never hesitate to reach out. We are a community and hope to connect as many riders to the amazing world around them as possible.

Ride On.


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