Group Talk

  • Group Talk

Group Talk



  • An HF 2.0 device and a Smart Button


  • Riders who primarily ride in groups through quiet urban or local foothill locations
  • Riders who want to also stay connected with to other riders or folks at home with the push of a button
  • Riders who want to be able to hear the road around them while still being able to communicate, listen to music, receive navigation and take/make calls
  • Riders with full face helmets and bikes that aren’t too loud


  • Connect directly to your group, including folks at home via the Zello app.
  • Create groups as large as you’d like on the Zello app and communicate with everyone in a walkie-talkie style throughout your ride
  • Uses cell phone signals to connect which means you'll stay connected no matter how far away your group is spread out.

*Just a reminder: Twiins devices are intended to be used primarily in urban environments with any helmet with speaker pockets. No matter the device you chose, know that road awareness is crucial to our beliefs. We allow you to hear all the things you need to stay connected while still being able to remain aware of the road around you. 

  • Voice answering helps you manage calls so you can keep your hands on the handlebars
  • Instant navigation guidance through your phone
  • Each component fits discreetly inside your helmet
  • Listen to music, podcasts and more
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Easy, stress-free setup
  • Two hour recharge time
  • Fits in all helmets
  • Universally compatible with all devices
  • HF2.0 can pair with the HF3.0 for rider-to-passenger Intercom (just in case you want to be someone’s co-pilot)
  • Includes our weather-proof Smart Button for intercom-like communication with your friends
  • Compatible with the Zello App to ensure connection between multiple smartphones
  • Download User Manual
  • Take Me To Group Talk Setup Guide
      • Bluetooth® specification v5.0
      • Bluetooth® Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, EDR
      • Rider-To-Passenger Intercom Range: up to 50 feet
      • Foam speaker covers with Velcro
      • One button multifunction control
      • Microphone with noise reduction
      • Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery: 110 mAH
      • Standby time: 3 days,
      • Charging time: 2 hours
      • Talk time: 6+ hours
      • Total weight: 1 oz
      • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
      • Power supply: DC 5.0V, 500 mA

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Lea S.
      Super sleek!

      This headset device is a must-have. Recently used it on a group ride with some friends and it was very easy to set up and connect everyone to the rider channel. Fits well with any helmet but try to find one where you can snap the liners off and on. I used a Bell Bullitt. It’s very sleek with minimal wires and no bulky items obstructing or taking over your helmet. I only wish I could turn up my volume haha but I am sure the volume setting is where it’s at to prevent any accidents. Would recommend this over any other motorcycle comms out there.

      Michael Reed

      Installation was a breeze. I only wish the speakers were a little louder. Orher than that great device!! I will be getting another one

      John Schwartz
      No response to email request

      Twiins has yet to respond to my return request. Group talk works, however, it has a weak sound in the helmet. Max volume is not loud enough for motorcycle riding.

      Michaelyn Crawford
      Communication is key!

      This has made my rides less stressful knowing I can communicate with my riding partner. Super easy install and fits seamlessly into my TLD moto helmet. Stoked on this new com device!

      Cassie Wilson
      Great Com Device!

      Super easy to install. Can clearly hear passenger when riding 2up. Can still hear what is happening around me which is great for safety. Easy to charge. Highly recommend this unit!!! I had some JBL speakers before this and I prefer these.

      Easy Setup

      Navigation Guidance

      Manage Calls

      Listen to music

      Passenger Intercom

      Unlimited Bike-To-Bike Communication