twiins tutorial

What Will Your Experience Be?

Choose your combination of devices:

How many HF 3.0 devices do you need?

How many Smart Buttons do you need?

How The Smart Button Works:


  • Yes! The Smart Button works via the Zello App, so any device is welcome to connect and have a push-to-talk experience.
  • No need to use your phone - when you push the button, you open the channel
  • Yes!
  • Yes!
  • The strap works just like a watch strap with a cinch that you can apply directly to your handlebar.
  • Two hundred hours.
  • Charging time is three hours.
  • You can connect with up to seven thousand users per channel!
  • Your range is limited only to the range of your cell phone signal.
  • The Smart Button only works within cell service range.
  • Nope! The Smart Button works with all communication devices as it connects everyone via the Zello app.
  • The Zello app is a walkie-talkie-like experience.